Our People

Our most important asset

At Vermes Machine Company, our team of highly skilled and dedicated machinists, operators, inspectors, and key personnel are the most critical component to our continued success. Only by creating a culture that relies on synergy across multiple departments and disciplines have we been able to diversify our capabilities to the level we are at today. This makes us confident to say we are truly the one stop shop for all of your turnkey machining requirements.

Many of our employees have been here for 10, 20, and even 30 years- we pride ourselves on having an extremely low turnover rate. We also realize the need to safeguard the future of the company by encouraging the next generation of skilled machinists to take up the trade.

Through extensive on the job training and partnerships with local high schools, colleges and other statewide trade institutions, we offer opportunities for learning in multiple manufacturing disciplines. Through those experiences and an internal culture that promotes hard work and the will to learn, Vermes Machine Co. is steadily developing a workforce that will be here to stay.

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